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Avodart (Dutasteride) is a drug similar to Propecia (Finasteride), in that it blocks the enzyme that converts Testosterone to DHT. Unlike Propecia, Avodart blocks both of the enzymes that create DHT instead of just one, so it may be a more potent treatment for hairloss. It is also the nearest new drug to FDA approval for hairloss. When buying avodart online, it is important to evaluate the source you are buying from as less reputable sellers may offer avodart for sale of lesser strength or with no dutasteride (the active ingredient in avodart) at all. We recommend you find a trusted source by seeking reviews of avodart from other people who have purchased it online.


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You should consult with your doctor before purchasing Avodart. Many avodart have not had patients who have used avodart to treat hair loss before, so they may not have much knowledge about it. One of the best alternate ways to find out if avodart is for you is to read the stories of others who have taken avodart for long periods or talk to them yourself.


There are two ways you can obtain avodart to treat your hair loss. The best way is to consult with your physician and receive a prescription for the medicine from your local pharmacy. There are various reasons why someone may want to buy avodart online instead of buying it from their pharmacy. The main reason is usually cost. Avodart is an expensive medication, and use for hair loss is not normally covered on most forms of insurance. Generic avodart is available for a far lower price.


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If you choose to buy avodart for sale online, we recommend using generic avodart from They have been providing high quality medications online to thousands of customers for over a decade and we have never received a complaint about their products.


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The most common side effects are dizziness, unusual weakness, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, blurred vision, runny nose, or problems ejaculating. A very serious allergic reaction rarely occurs. In case you notice the effects not listed here, contact your doctor or pharmacist.


Average Dosage: 0.5mg.


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